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How to send large files using µTorrent

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There are numerous ways to share your files. This includes the usual mail, Windows Live Messenger, file-hosting sites like RapidShare, Dropbox, FTP and many other ways.

However, all have the following problem. Lets say that you want to share some REALLY big amount of data with someone, like for example 5GB or maybe even 20GB. In that case all of the above mentioned ways of sharing have serious drawbacks.

Windows Live Messenger is often very slow, can share only a few files at a time and does not support resume on sending files (which basically means that if for example your connections dies out while having 99% of your file already sent, you have to send the file all over again!). File-hosting sites like RapidShare, MegaUpload and similar sites have file size limits so that you need to upload big files by splitting it in different parts that are withing this limit  and so on (which is also the case if you use Dropbox). FTP does not pose a limit on the number or size of the files, but it again does not offer a resume of a download like Windows Live Messenger. Other drawbacks of all these type of methods  is the requirement of some initial setup, technical knowledge, user registration on websites, ads, etc.

How to send files by using µTorrent

µTorrent is a popular BitTorrent client that is used to share files by using the so called BitTorrent protocol. In µTorrent 3 it is very easy to share any of your files of any size with anyone you like. Before you proceed, you should first download and install the latest version.

There are several (more difficult) ways of doing this, but the following is by far the easiest:

Start up µTorrent and then simply drag and drop any file or even an entire folder into µTorrent. You will then get the following dialog:

When you click on “Get Link“, a tinyurl link is created which you can directly share with the person you would like to share the data.

Clicking on “Done” will put your automatically created torrent on seeding, so that now anyone (with which you share the provided link) can download your file(s). When someone opens the link a µTorrent web page will be shown that looks something like this:

On this page you can download the torrent file, the magnet link or even the file(s) directly! The other person(s) can open this torrent or insert the magnet link in theirs µTorrent client after which the download will begin.


Using µTorrent, or in that sense any other BitTorrent client, gives the possibility to share your files without any size limits with the further advantage of resuming your incomplete downloads at a later time. With µTorrent 3 in particular this really becomes a no-brainer.

See also the guide from the utorrent website.

* Note: To guarantee delivery of your content, your computer must be on and serving your content at the time somebody is downloading it.

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